¡Children Are Also Entrepeneurs!

Children Business

We are a community dedicated to shaping the business leaders of tomorrow. Explore our opportunities, discover inspiring stories, and join the youth business revolution. It’s time to believe in the power of dreams!

Best of Georgia 2023

Children Business Fest Inc.

Awarded as the best of Georgia in the category Business Organization.

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Our Best values

Children Business


Fostering entrepreneurial spirit in every child—guiding skills, inspiring leadership, motivation, and creativity.

Children Business


We foster leadership from an early age, empowering children to be leaders in their own lives and projects.

Children Business


We inspire the little ones to pursue their dreams and goals with passion and determination.

Children Business


We encourage children to think outside the box and contribute fresh ideas to their projects.

About Us

Children Business

We are passionate about inspiring children to become future entrepreneurs. At Children Business, we nurture skills and dreams for a bright future. ¡Join our mission to empower the next generation of leaders!

With years of experience in childhood education, we are committed to giving every child the opportunity to explore their potential, develop entrepreneurial skills, and become change-makers in the world.

Discover how, together, we are building a tomorrow filled with creativity and innovation.

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Best of Georgia 2023

Join Our Entrepreneurship Community

Do you want to be part of our community of young creative minds? Join us and share your experience, knowledge, and passion for entrepreneurship. Together, we will create a bright business future!

What are we aiming to achieve with

Our Events?

Growing Entrepreneurs

Discover how we are nurturing the seeds of entrepreneurship in the hearts and minds of the youngest, preparing them for a successful business future.

Successful Young Entrepreneurs

Meet our boys and girls who are already making their mark in the business world.

A Bright Business Future

At Children Business, we are shaping a business future full of opportunities and creativity.

Join us and be part of this exciting vision!

Childhood Innovation

Innovation knows no age. Explore how our young entrepreneurs are redefining the business game with fresh ideas and creative solutions.

At Children Business, our events have a clear purpose: to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. Through each of our programs and activities, we aim to:

1. Foster Creativity: We want children to explore their imagination and discover new ways to approach challenges, nurturing the creativity that is essential in the business world.

2. Develop Entrepreneurial Skills: Our events are designed to teach children practical entrepreneurial skills, from planning to decision-making and financial management.

3. Build Confidence: We seek to strengthen participants’ self-confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to believe in themselves and their projects.

4. Encourage Leadership: We inspire children to become leaders, not only in their projects but also in their lives, encouraging them to take initiative and lead by example.

5. Create an Entrepreneurial Community: We want children to feel part of a community of young entrepreneurs where they can learn, collaborate, and grow together.

Our events are the starting point for an exciting journey of discovery and learning.

Join us and discover how we are shaping the future of our children, equipping them with the skills and entrepreneurial mindset needed to succeed in a constantly changing world.

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Children Business Fest
Children Business Fest
Children Business Fest
Children Business Fest
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Children Business Fest
Children Business Fest
Children Business Fest
Children Business Fest
Children Business Fest

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This is your opportunity to be part of our community of passionate entrepreneurs. Whether as a sponsor or ambassador, you can join our mission to empower young entrepreneurs and prepare them for a successful future. With your support, we can drive change and innovation in the world of young business leaders.

Join our community and share your experience, knowledge, and resources to inspire the next generation of leaders and visionaries. Together, we will create a lasting impact. We invite you to be part of our community of change and innovation!

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