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Explore our exciting events, where you’ll find reasons to attend our events, inspiring testimonials, and a gallery that captures the essence of our movement.

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Reasons to be at our events

Join and support young entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Join us and be a part of this inspiring initiative!

Children Business

Live Inspiration

Gain direct inspiration by witnessing the wit and passion of young entrepreneurs in action.


Children Business


Build valuable connections with young entrepreneurs, committed parents, and experts in the field.


Children Business

Boosting Confidence

Boosts children’s self-confidence and self-esteem, helping them believe in themselves.


Children Business

Value Promotion

Supporting young entrepreneurs is a powerful way to foster an entrepreneurial culture in society.


Children Business

Family Fun

Our events are both fun and educational for the whole family. It’s a unique opportunity to spend quality time together.


Children Business

Growth and Success

By attending, you become a part of these young individuals’ success, helping them achieve their dreams from an early age.


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Our Upcoming Events


Upss!! No events available now

At the moment we do not have upcoming events available, we recommend you to check this page on upcoming occasions or follow us on instagram (@childrensbusinessfest) to be attentive to upcoming activities.